Hello there, this is our website. You have just crossed the threshold into a world of scholarly achievement, a world of honor, and a world of opportunity. Phi Theta Kappa is for those students who go above and beyond the call of duty. This orginization is for students of the highest caliber. It is for students who uphold the ideals of Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship, and Service. By visiting this website, you have taken a giant leap forward, in school, and in life. My name is Ben Bakos, and I welcome you to the new website of the Alpha Iota Upsilon chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. Enjoy your stay.

-Bernard Bakos Jr.



Here you can find information about our advisors at Genesee Community College, get to know the current officers, learn more about local activities, see a schedule of events past and present, discover how our chapter at GCC began and how it has grown over the years and learn more about other Phi Theta Kappa organizations in our area. If you are interested in becoming a member of Phi Theta Kappa, please visit the requirements section. Here you will find everything you need to do to become a member of one of the largest organizations at GCC.


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Our Officer Core:


President - Michelle Williams
In charge of planning every meeting as well as events for the year, arranges and organizes committees for projects, and is involved in recruiting new members.

Vice President -Emma Peirick

Vice President -Amy Mattison
Co-Perform all duties of the president in the event of their absence, oversee work on College Project, coordinates all committees and work with the president and other officers,and coordinates the Fall induction ceremony.


Webmaster - Marcy Lorenzi
Maintains and updates the chapter website and Facebook page.


Recording Secretary - Robin Clemm
Records notes at meetings and helps to keep track of events, sends notes from meetings to members.

Public Relations Officer - Amanda Hart
Gets information out to local media concerning chapter activities. Advertises activities in local papers, around school.